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Welcome to the home of Welsh Horror.

Here you will dicover everything about Welsh Horror. From the depths of hell we find links to wales in some way shape or form, ghoul, ghost, demon or what ever we come across.

We will review movies, books, interview actors, directors and authors alike in our quest to bring you the best resource in welsh horror we can possibly give you and even some true life stories we find in news articles that blow our minds.

We will even have a look at haunting folklore tales from all over wales, seeing as wales has such a medieval history, there are probably many stories that are set to creep anyone out over the camp fire or halloween night stories.

To name just a few links to horror in Wales, Christian Bale is welsh and was in American Psycho, Anthony Hopkins is Welsh and won an Oscar for his role are Hannibal Lector in Silence Of The Lambs and the “Moors” scenes in American Werewolf in London were actually films in the Brecon Beacons here in Wales.

You learn something every day.

So with out further or do, get yourself over to the blog and learn some more about the sinister goings on here in Cymru.

Also, feel free to head over to our own personal facebook group to be able to discuss everything Welsh Horror with us and other fans and readers here.  We hope to see you there and interact very soon, whether its to mention a movie you have seen recently or a horror convention you attended or even to ask us to cover a particular subject we haven’t covered yet.

We want to hear from you.

So thanks for at least having a look at our home page, I hope you stay a while and enjoy what you read and see.  Stick around.



Nathan Elward