Andrew Jones Q and A

Further to our review on his film “The Last House On Cemetery Lane”, we caught up with Writer, Director and Producer extraordinaire Andrew Jones and asked a few questions. Q1 – Hey Andrew, Please, let everyone know about yourself? Basically if you want commercial genre films in the Roger Corman/Charles Band Mould, that can be made… Read More »

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The Last House On Cemetery Lane – A Review

The Last House On Cemetery Lane – A Review. Seeing as this is my first real review, I thought I’d start with a fellow jack, somebody born in Swansea. Andrew Jones has been a prolific filmmaker of the last few years, Writing, Directing or producing 12 commercially released films through his production company Northbank Entertainment.… Read More »

Prevenge: Review

Prevenge: A Review. Now, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been heading to my local art house, Cardiffs very own Chapter Arts Centre. A place I’ve not be the most frequent attendee since moving to Cardiff. I think I had only twice in the previous 5 years that I’ve lived in Cardiff and now,… Read More »