Cruel Summer Review

By | August 15, 2017

Every now and again when we trudge through the low budget filth and villainy we get in our beloved genre, some so bad they are, some just bad, we do occasionally come across a hidden gem that needs writing about and world needs to know about, Cruel Summer is one of these Gems.

Now, the marketing plan by Cruel Summers has been long and varied, on social media and through the film festival circuit and even played at Film 4’s Fright Fest in London 2016 among many other local art houses along the way and I had heard about it for a while before I eventually purchased the movie on DVD on the day of its release and gave it look for myself.

With a good cast, including Danny Miller (Emmerdale) as the main antagonist Nicholas, Reece Douglas (Waterloo Rd) as Calvin, Richard Pawulski as protagonist Danny and Natalie Martin who plays Julia.

The story basically follows three friends, Nicholas, Calvin and Julia hunting down Danny all through a set of lies they set of a spiralling story of anger and revenge towards Danny.

The initial lie was that autistic Danny had slept with his girlfriend, which made him angry that his girlfriend had slept with an autistic. And then to get him on board, with the revenge Nicholas lies to Calvin, telling him the Danny is a paedophile and they are going to get him.

They whole thing spirals out of control and when the three friends finally catch up with Danny, who is on a camping trip for is Duke Of Edinburgh Award alone, in the middle of nowhere, and the finally is as brutal as it comes when Nicholas begins to taunt and tease and eventually put an end to Danny.

The Cast all give awesome performances in this low budget creation from Filmmakers Phillip Escott and Craig Newman, especially Richard Pawulski, his acting skills portraying an autistic male, where superb, his mannerisms, speech, everything about his performance was exceptional and very much supported by the other members of the cast.

And the fact that the movie was filmed in 10 days is testament to how hard everyone worked on this production and I really hope that it gets the success it deserves.

In a follow up to this review, I have also get hold on Director Phillip Escott and managed to do a quick question and answer session with him about his horror influences, career and filming Cruel Summer.  So please keep an eye out for that.

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