The Last House On Cemetery Lane – A Review

By | August 15, 2017

The Last House On Cemetery Lane – A Review.

Seeing as this is my first real review, I thought I’d start with a fellow jack, somebody born in Swansea. Andrew Jones has been a prolific filmmaker of the last few years, Writing, Directing or producing 12 commercially released films through his production company Northbank Entertainment.

The Last House On Cemetery Lane is one of the films he wrote, produced and directed, the story falls along the lines of a paranormal, haunted house feel, where it follows a Horror Screenwriter called John Davies, (Lee Bane), staying alone in a house in the middle of nowhere to get some writing done in relative solitude, but meeting an attractive neighbour (Georgina Blackledge) and a few other strange goings on, the films descends into a very nightmarish creepy finale that fits very well.

It is a setup we have seen before, a lone writer heading into the sticks to write they novel or screenplay, I Spit On Your Grave, was about a writer in the middle of nowhere, when things take a turn for the worse.

A good performance from the cast and an eerie score definitely builds tension throughout the film to the finale moments when we are released from its grasp.

There is a slow, yet good tempo to the film, its paced well unlike other low budget films I’ve seen, where I’ve just phased out because of a lack of action or anything going. There is always something going on in The Last House On Cemetery Lane, not a scene wasted and doesn’t rely on sex, cheap jumps or gore to give the viewer thrills and scares.

The slowest scenes are there to develop characters and plot and add to the film and don’t detract a thing from a very good film that this is.

Andrew has definitely learnt from his previous films and taking it to the next level with this film and is a must watch for genre fans, and those who like a good low budget supernatural film with a twist.

Check it out.

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